Get Local

A driving force behind LUK is to create and contribute to a thriving, health conscious community. Supporting local vendors, local farmers, and local artists we believe in growing our community within our community. That is why we consistently support local farms and work with them to deliver the best products for you!

Wondering what’s local here at Local Urban Kitchen in August? This month, we are working with 3 great locations!


Good Tree Farm - New Egypt, NJ
Good Tree Farm is based out of New Egypt, New Jersey and is an organic certified program. They believe that people's health and the health of the environment are greatly and directly impacted by how food is produced, and the lifestyles people choose. That is why they believe that their fresh, local, organic food that is produced using sustainable agricultural practices, which protect the environment and provide ecological stewardship, will give our society the greatest benefit.

Thompson Farms- Wall, NJ
Fresh local produce from Allenwood, New Jersey. The Thompson Family Farms is a family run farm that can deliver their produce right to your door.

Beyond Organic Growers – Freehold, NJ
Beyond Organic Growers are fourth generation farmers using vertical, aeroponic tower technology going beyond organic to produce fresh and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. With 144 aeroponic towers and a 3500 Square foot greenhouse, Beyond Oraganic Growers farm promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Our local produce this month includes: mint, kale, spinach, mesclun greens, mushroom, rainbow chard, cilantro, parsley, basil, and cucumbers.

Stop in and see why eating local is the way to eat!

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