Chef Maged decided it was time to make a change in the food service industry. With a passion for sustainability, farming, and of course cooking, he opened Local Urban Kitchen.

Coming from a successful sports background in track and field, Chef Maged has always looked for quality super foods that provide the body with fuel needed to perform at its maximum The idea behind LUK is simple: provide a place for the community to eat that makes dining for every diet possible.

Another driving force behind LUK is to create and contribute to a thriving, health conscious community. Supporting local vendors, local farmers, and local artists LUK believes in growing our community within our community. We believe in a wholesome family dining experience, so come in, eat, enjoy and join the LUK family on our quest for health and happiness!

Our History


Local Urban kitchen started its first year in June of 2012. Opening up as a very small "take out" style café with all of two communal tables and a small bar the LUK team started on their venture to provide the community with a small local spot serving healthy organic options and a family friendly environment. As a restaurant trying to get their name out there, Local Urban Kitchen was blessed to build a quick following with an amazing number of supporting customers, friends, and health conscious local businesses. While taking the time to build the business Chef Maged and his team were on a mission to continue searching for the best ways to provide healthy diverse options. It was clear that there was a demand for a health movement in the community and LUK was extremely excited to become a part of it.


After two years at the original location it was time for LUK to expand. In May of 2014 Local Urban Kitchen opened a bigger location in Point Pleasant, NJ. With a bigger space they were able to build out a restaurant that really embraced the whole community. Everything in the restaurant is locally sourced from the hand built, up cycled tables and benches made by a local contractor and local upholster to the hand made plates crafted by a local potter. With the growing space came a growing following sharing the love for, fresh, local, organic and of course satisfying food. The LUK team is excited to keep researching the best ways to create health conscious, nutrient packed dishes and to do their part within the community.

why choose us?


The Best Ingredients
When it comes to ingredients, I want to offer the freshest and most nutrient dense ingredients there are. That’s why we use a wide of array of ancient super-foods packed with vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to fuel us at peak performance.


Focus on Homegrown
We do our best to focus on using homegrown and local vendors for our produce, eggs, and meat. Buying a lot of our products locally will keep us thriving as a community.


Community Kitchen
We are always here to share recipes, ideas, or just talk.